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Reasons Why We Rock!

Industry-Leading Conversions

Everything we do revolves around converting the traffic you send into depositing, active players. We have built our brands from the ground up, securing unrivaled success when it comes to player conversion and retention. Our quick and easy sign-up process, first-class player support, and decades of experience have all contributed to making our casinos the biggest in the US market and beyond.

Quick Payouts & Reporting

Our affiliate program holds the record as one of the quickest paying around. Typically, we payout on the 1-4th of the month. We pride ourselves on our reliability and speed of payments; our partners can rely on us for transparency and on-going support. Our reporting tool was created with users in mind and updates in near real-time. With these hourly updates, you can track your traffic and referrals 24/7 – giving you a 360-degree view of your efforts.

Dedicated Management

You will be partnered with a committed account manager, working with you towards earning high-quality traffic and conversions. Our dedicated team will provide you with on-going support, covering everything from payment options to bespoke marketing ideas and strategies.

Tailored Campaigns

By working together, we can assist you with customized marketing packages unique to you and your audience. From individual landing pages to banners, mailers, and exclusive offers. We create packages that positively impact your traffic and conversions. With clear, generous terms to match, we have everything you’ll ever need to make a success of your tailored marketing campaigns.


We give our affiliate partners a variety of options when it comes to commission. We aim to be as flexible as possible, offering cost per acquisition (CPA) revenue share and hybrid model on all the players you refer to us. Whatever your requirements, our dedicated account managers will partner with you to find the best payment structure for your circumstances.


This model guarantees a flat rate for each minimum depositing player you refer to any of our casino brands. Some affiliates prefer this option, as win or lose ratios of referred players aren’t taken into account.
In essence, the more players you refer, the more money you will make. Speak to our account managers who will guide you through the finer details of this option.

Revenue Share

You will receive an agreed percentage of all the net revenue from your referred players, your commission is fully trackable with crystal clear terms.


The hybrid plan is a combination of both CPA and revenue share. Offering the best of both, it is a popular choice for many of our affiliates.
Ultimately your choice of revenue plan will depend upon your experience, long and short-term goals, and your target audience.
Our experienced affiliate managers will help assess which deal suits you as an individual, giving the best advice that will help you to fulfill your goals.

10 Big Brands

The Club World Casinos group began in 2005, serving US players and beyond with distinction and reliability. Since then, we have grown to provide ten online casino brands, each with a unique theme from the wild west to the glitz and glamour of Manhattan.

What Our Customers Say

Affiliate Edge's commitment to excellence is unmatched. From their user-friendly interface to their timely payouts, every aspect of working with them exudes professionalism. If you're looking for a reliable partner to maximize your earnings in the online gaming affiliate space, look no further than Affiliate Edge.


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We have been working with Affiliate Edge ever since 2005. We always were treated as family, and never had any issues. And if something seemed off, the professional and always friendly affiliate manager Ryan is always there for us, we never have to wait. Affiliate Edge is also the fastest-paying affiliate program we're working with. Since we believe that in our industry top quality, transparency, dignity, ethics, security, and of course the highest possible standards are what really matters most, we think that that's why we perfectly match with Affiliate Edge, as this is exactly how they approach their players and the gambling industry. Thank you, Ryan and team. We're looking forward to many more great years together.


Working with Affiliate Edge has been an excellent experience. The services they provide to their players are truly exceptional and deliver incredible value. The dedication and professionalism of their Customer Support team deserve high praise for their commendable job in promptly resolving any issues and providing valuable assistance, it is a testament to the quality and excellence Affiliate Edge consistently delivers.


It’s been a privilege to work with Affiliate Edge. The services that they offer to its players are exceptional and worth every penny. Customer Support has done a commendable job in providing assistance to solve the problems instantly.


The Team

Ryan and Debbie have well over ten year’s experience working with affiliates in the casino industry. Their business insights and industry knowledge are on hand 24/7. Both are driven by helping others, with a track record of assisting affiliates in growing their revenue streams from the ground up.

Deborah Brocklehurst

Affiliate Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 7925 099 758


“The best part of being an affiliate manager is the face to face meetings, this is where I find I can truly understand the affiliate partnership and they can understand how we work at Affiliate Edge. So when an affiliate gives us the opportunity to meet it’s so valuable.”

Ryan Levene

Head of Affiliates

Tel: +44 (0) 7984 096 189


“Affiliate partnerships are about building the trust between people. It takes time but every new partnership is built from the ground up and understanding what is important to the affiliate.”

Whats Happening

Keep ahead with the latest news from Affiliate Edge; Here you can stay informed on everything we have to offer. You will find industry news, developments, and announcements, along with the latest promotions and offers directly from our dedicated Affiliate Managers.